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Account security for AEX. / AEX帳戶安全須知及保護措施

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    Dear Users:

    Transaction security is the first. The first priority of the AEX team is to ensure the security of users' assets. The AEX team has more than 10 years of financial risk control experience and nearly 5 years' experience in digital asset risk control management. Use the most advanced technology in the industry to ensure the security of users' funds -- Multiple signature offline wallet, private key offline. 97% of the digital assets are safely stored in Multiple signature offline wallet, with only a small amount of assets in hot wallet for daily operation. Multi-dimensiona protection system, professional distributed architecture and DDOS attack system are established. AEX is a "traditional platform" that is stable, healthy and intimate. There have been no major safety accidents in years. The recognition and reputation of users are widely derided as "the platform for fresh and refined" and "the platform of conscience in the industry".

    Your money will always be safe in AEX.

    In the process of rapid development of the industry. A growing number of lawbreakers are eyeing the digital currency. We're going to show you how to do account security and fund security. We provide the following methods for your reference:

    How to protect your E-mail security?

    1. Identify the official email address of AEX.

    AEX can't use unofficial email to send you any information. The official email suffix is

    . Please read the official email of AEX. There are currently only two official mailboxes:



    1. Please do not reveal your login email.

    Please do not reveal your email account. If your email account is compromised, phishing sites will send you spam. It may threaten your account and financial security.

    1. Open the link in your email carefully.

    a. If you receive an official email and include a link in the email. Please check the domain after opening the link.

    b. Don't randomly open links in unfamiliar emails. If you must open, make sure your antivirus is running.

    1. Carefully open the attachments in your email.

    a. AEX will not send you an email with attachments for any reason.

    b. Do not open any attachments in an unfamiliar email. If you must open it, make sure your antivirus is running.

    How to protect the security of account and password?

    1.Please identify the domain name of


    It is a common practice for criminals to use a domain name that is similar to the platform. So, when you visit AEX, be aware of the domain:

    . Avoid unnecessary losses.

    1. Use a separate login password for AEX.

    Avoid the security of your AEX account when your other platform account is compromised. If your password is the same as any other website, please change the password immediately. Of course, even if your password is compromised. As long as you bind Google Authenticator to AEX, we can still guarantee your asset security.

    1. Don't tell anyone your password or send the password in plaintext.

    a. No one needs to know your password except you. Include AEX official staff, your family and friends. If anyone asks you for a password. Please join the blacklist immediately and report to the platform.

    b. If you need to back up your password on your phone or computer. Please record it manually, not in plaintext with communication tools.

    1. Be sure to open the Google Authenticator (
      Binding the Google authentication

    The Google Authenticator can strongly protect your account and asset security. Your phone is the only access to the Google Authenticator code. The Google Authenticator generates a dynamic verification code. As long as you open the Google Authenticator. Even if your account and password are compromised, hackers can't login to your account. Because he can't get the right Google Authenticator code.

    How to prevent Trojan virus?

    1. Use reliable antivirus to regularly kill virus.

    Use the well-known and reliable antivirus, update it in time. It can effectively prevent Trojan invasion.

    1. When chatting online, don't open the links or attachments of strangers.

    When you use QQ, WeChat, telegram and other chat tools, do not easily believe and open the link or attachment sent by strangers. Many hackers will use this technique to implant Trojan into your computer.

    How to protect your equipment?

    1.Improve the encryption of email and mobile phones.

    a. Email security: Select an email provider with encryption capabilities.

    b. Safety of mobile phone:

    Open phone fingerprint and password lock;

    Don't jailbreak your phone, which will damage the security of the system itself.

    If you use android, do not store important information on your SD card.

    Please do not share your password (Including your wife/husband and children. And how to get their consent, please find your own way.)

    1. Protect your computer security.

    When installing software, beware of malicious plug-ins. The use of plug-ins to steal passwords, private keys and other personal privacy is very common. Please polish your eyes. If you need to install a browser plug-in, be sure to install well-known plugins and don't trust any new plug-ins.

    1. Pay attention to the safety of network.

    When you are trading, we recommend that you link cable to use the Internet. Or the WIFI that has changed the WIFI password. If you have to use open WiFi for transactions under a public network, open the VPN please.

    For the API transaction users, please note the following questions:

    a. Be sure to keep your private key. Platform staff won't get your API private key for any reason.
    Please do not reveal the API private key at any time. Also do not send passwords in plaintext in any communication tool.

    b. When performing API transactions, use the third-party API tools carefully.

    Finally, security protection is always a historical topic. You must constantly upgrade your awareness to stay safe. However, if you do all of these things, your AEX trading account should be relatively safe.

    Thank you for your supporting. Best wishes for you!

    AEX Team

    Mar 8, 2018






    1. 認准AEX官方郵箱






    ① 如果您收到官方發送的電子郵件,且郵件中包含鏈接時,打開鏈接後請仔細檢查域名;

    ② 不要輕易打開陌生電子郵件中的鏈接,如果您必須打開,請確保您的殺毒軟體正在運行。


    ① AEX官方郵箱不會以任何理由向您發送帶附件的郵件。

    ② 不要輕易打開陌生電子郵件中的附件,如果您必須打開,請確保您的殺毒軟體正在運行。









    ① 除了您之外,沒有任何人需要知道您的密碼(包括AEX官方工作人員、您的家人朋友)。如果有任何人以任何名義讓您提供密碼時,請立即拉黑並向平臺舉報。

    ② 如果您需要在手機或電腦中備份密碼,請用手動輸入的方式記錄,不要以明文形式發送。




    1. 選擇靠譜的殺毒軟體,定期查殺病毒






    ① 郵件安全:選擇有加密功能的電子郵件提供商。

    ② 手機安全:










    ① 務必保存好您的私鑰,平臺工作人員不會以任何理由獲取您的API私鑰。

    ② 謹慎使用第三方API工具進行API交易。





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