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EOS Main Network Mapping Support. / AEX支持EOS主網映射公告

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    Dear Users:

    Since the EOS transaction was launched on AEX, we have started to deploy the mapping of EOS. According to the EOS official website, the EOS test network has been launched. They are ready to map the EOS ERC20 tokens to the testing work of the main network.Click to view:
    EOS.IO DAWN 2.0 Released & Development Update

    Because the mapping operation process is more complex. Individual operation mapping risk is higher. We recommend that you Deposit EOS to AEX. The mapping operation is performed by the platform for you.

    We will do the EOS snapshot and mapping transformation for you in the first time according to the official specified time.There is no need for additional operations and no interruption of transactions. After the launch of the EOS main network, you can get 100% of your network EOS assets from the AEX platform.

    If the other currency of AEX is related to the main chain replacement. We will actively communicate with the project side and provide support immediately.

    In addition, AEX is holding an activity called "
    Deposit EOS for Mercedes Benz!
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    . You can participate as long as you recharge the EOS.

    Click here to Deposit EOS

    Thank you for your supporting! Best wishes for you!

    AEX Team

    Mar 13, 2018


    自AEX平臺開通EOS交易以來,我們已著手部署EOS映射工作。根據EOS官網消息,EOS測試網路已上線,並已經開始準備將EOS ERC20代幣映射到主網路的測試工作。



    我們將按照官方指定時間,第一時間為您進行EOS快照和映射轉換。您無需額外操作,也無需中斷交易,在EOS主網上線後,您可從AEX平臺100% 提取主網EOS資產。









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