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Ask for Advice about the Position of HADAX and Huobi Pro, Transfer Rules from HADAX to Huobi Pro and Delisting Rules of HADAX and Huobi Pro

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    Dear Users,

    As a brandnew sub-brand of Huobi Pro, HADAX provides services to professional digital asset investors and creative digital assets that are in their early stage. Huobi pro uses audit for listing and HADAX uses vote for listing. Here are the position of HADAX and Huobi Pro, transfer rules from HADAX to Huobi Pro and delisting rules of HADAX and Huobi Pro. We now ask for suggestions from our dear users and project teams. Any suggestions for the rules of 2nd phase will be welcomed. Once your suggestion is taken, we will reward you with HTs. You can give your suggestions here:

    1.  The position of HADAX and Huobi Pro
      If blockchain assets apply to be listed on Huobi Pro, they must pass the evaluation of the SMARTChain Evaluation Model and meet the requirements of Main Zone or New Zone listing. Huobi Pro is devoted to provide quality blockchain assets for users.
      If blockchain assets apply to be listed on HADAX, they must pass the first examination of the super nodes and then be voted by the community. HADAX aims to provide comprehensive and quality block chain assets to professional users and communities.

    2.  Apply to be listed on HADAX
      Please click the link below and fill in the required information online:

    Detailed rules:上币申请说明

    1.  Transfer rules from HADAX to Huobi Pro
      -Average daily volume and number of transactions ranked among the top five on HADAX.
      -The project is audited and conforms to the rules of Main Zone or New Zone listing according to the SMARTChain score.
      -Transfer will be carried out one time each month.

    2.  Delisting rules of Huobi Pro and HADAX
      In order to protect the interests of investors, Huobi Pro reserves the right to delist the project or to continue to support the project trading on the platform. If the project team triggers the following conditions, we will announce the termination of the trading, including but not limited to:
      -Disbanding of the project team.
      -Project teams face major legal problems.
      -As a result of strategic adjustment and development needs, the project operations team take the initiative to request the downline.
      -Serious technical or security problems are not addressed in a timely manner.
      -A serious lack of liquidity, with a daily average of less than 0.1 MUSD for 30 trading days or less than 1,000 USD for 5 consecutive trading days.
      -5 consecutive trading days with zero transactions.
      -Significant discrepancies in information disclosure.
      -Sudden chain split.
      -Not satisfied with other matters for which the transaction continues.
      -Huobi Pro and HADAX will issue delisting announcements 5 days in advance for projects that decide to take off, and users will have a 30-day deadline to withdraw the corresponding assets from the platform.

    Thank you for your support!

    Huobi Pro
    March 16th, 2018

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