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​Announcement of Results of 1st Round of HADAX 2nd Phase & Opening of 2nd Round

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    Dear users,

    The first round of HADAX 2nd Phase voting ended at 13:00, March 15th (GMT+8). After three working days of data cleaning and manual return visits, the winning projects are CDC, DTAX and LXT. We will launch them from March 21st. Please pay attention to the announcement.

    The 2nd round will open at 13:00 on March 20th. The rules for 2nd round will be adjusted as follows:

    1. The voting phase shall be adjusted to 7 days and shall end at 13:00 March 27 (GMT+8);
    2. This round selects two projects to go live. The project that scores the first will obtain the priority in entering Huobi Pro listing audit;
    3. The winning projects need to get at least 600,000 points;
    4. The remaining 19 projects in the 1st round will retain the score for the 1st round and will continue to participate in the 2nd round, with 16 additional projects expected in the 2nd round.

    Notes on this round of voting:

    1. The voting incentives in the previous round are the token incentives given to the voters by the project side. The voting users can get a corresponding proportion of tokens when the project is officially live. The voting rate may change during the voting period. Please pay close attention to the voting rate adjustments.
    2. Project teams should note that: the security deposit and token incentives cannot be adjusted within the last 24 hours before the end of the voting.

    Thank you for supporting HADAX!

    March 19th, 2018

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