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Huobi Knights Global Recruitment Phase II

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    Huobi Knights are Huobi's official community. Knights enjoy HT incentives and many official benefits. Knights are Huobi users who love block chain and digital assets. Join Huobi globalization and share the added value of Huobi!

    The influence of Huobi has spread rapidly from Asia to the world, and since Huobi Knights recruiting started online:

    A total of 3990 people signed up for Huobi Knights, hoping to join us to grow together.

    In February 2018, we selected 40 people from 1971 people. They passed a lot of assessment, obtained the certificate issued by Huobi and became a glorious "Certified Huobi Knight ". They participated in the first phase of the communication meeting. The remaining 823 Huobi partners have also established deep and friendly ties with us and have begun to actively engage in the work of Huobi Knights.

    We will be in London, Asia, the European Union countries shortly to carry out offline meet-ups of Huobi Knights and communicate with knights about what they are concerned about. Look forward to seeing you all over the world!

    What kind of organization is the Huobi Knights?

    Huobi Knights love block chain and digital assets. Everyone regards building a healthy development of digital currency as mission and wants to have in-depth cooperation with each other! At the same time, they participate in the globalization of Huobi and become the most special members of Huobi.

    The happy mission of Huobi Knights:

    ·Watch trends - help Huobi understand the trends and market needs in cryptocurrency;

    ·Test function - test the mysterious features and new versions of Huobi and provide feedbacks and valuable advice;

    ·Activities - organize online and offline events, meet-ups and maintain online and offline social medias and various communities;

    ·Answer questions - answer users' questions and guide them to invest;

    ·Be a mentor - express your unique insights and have the opportunity to become a mentor of Huobi Business School;

    Exclusive benefits for Huobi Knights:

    ·Identity Authentication - you will receive a Huobi knight certificate, medal, and occasional gift boxes to represent your identity as a "Huobi Knight".

    ·Face to face with icons- you will participate in an exclusive business school course in which a digital currency icon is a lecturer. You can discuss the development of the industry with icons, complete the study, obtain the certificate;

    ·Partners-you can have more contact with Huobi and have the opportunity to become partners of Huobi;

    ·Global visit - you can visit any global office of Huobi (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the US for now).

    ·Meeting-ups - Huobi will organize at least one meet-up every quarter, only for you, who are qualified as Huobi knights, and you will be able to participate in icon theme activities (not only core executives of Huobi but also influential icons are invited);

    ·Participate in the update - you will participate in each update of Huobi, and your advice will be valued by Huobi team;

    ·First-hand message - you will be the first to learn about the firsthand research reports and industry developments that Huobi have been circulating in the community;

    Participation rules:

    【Huobi Knights】 Global, regardless of city, age, sex, occupation.

    【Requirements】Like and understand block chain, digital assets. Has integrity, innovation and openness. Supporters of Huobi. Can achieve a win-win situation with Huobi. Community operation ability is preferred!

    【Application】 Fill in the following application form:

    "Become a Huobi Knight and share the added value of Huobi"!!!

    Here are some live photos of the first phase of the meet-up:

    Li Lin and the Huobi knights’ comminicationr:

    Huobi Knights lottery:

    Huobi Knights training:

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