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Regarding BitcoinX (BCX) Distribution

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    Dear users,

    Since BitcoinX (BCX) is scheduled to fork at the height of 498888, Huobi Pro will take a snapshot of users’ BTC assets before the fork happens and all address holding bitcoin will receive corresponding amount of BCX at the ratio of 1 BTC:10000 BCX. If you have BTC assets in, you will get BCX in the next 3 days. Please transfer your BTC to account to ensure a timely distribution. We will also enable BCX/BTC trading after the distribution. If you have BTC assets in Huobi Wallet, you will receive BCX in your Huobi Wallet account.


    Regarding SBTC distribution, please refer to announcement:


    Regarding UBTC, BTH and other types of hard fork assets, Huobi Pro will take a snapshot of users’ BTC assets and distribute corresponding hardforked assets to users. We will also support trading of some types of hard fork assets if it gains widespread acceptance.


    Regarding our positions on Bitcoin hark fork, please refer to:


    The prices of chain split coins are extremely unstable. We hope that users can have a full understanding of the investment risks of chain split coins and be prudent of your own investment decisions.


    Huobi Pro

    December 11, 2017

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