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Vote Results of 2nd Round of 2nd Phase ,and the arrangements for the vote refund of unsuccessful tokens

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    Dear users,

    The 2nd round of voting ended at 13:00 ,March 27th(GMT+8) . The results of the voting and the arrangements for the autonomous vote refund of users are as follows:


    Results of this round:

    1. We will clean and analyze the data and pay return visits to ensure the authenticity of votes before publishing any results. If we find any cheating, we will disqualify the projects.

    2. Wining projects of this round must have enough security deposit in their deposit account before being listed on HADAX.

    3. The reward tokens from project teams will be sent to users in 4 installments. When the token is live on HADAX, voted users will get the first quarter of tokens. Later, they will get each quarter in each week that follows.


    Arrangements for the autonomous vote refund of users:

    1. The top two projects in this round are not included in the refund;

    2. The autonomous refund of other projects will start at 18:00, March 27th (GMT+8);

    3. The refund lasts for 48 hours and ends at 18:00, March 29th (GMT+8).



    March 27th, 2018

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