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Instructions Of GAT Transactions. / 即將開啟GAT交易及說明

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    Dear Users:


    We will open GAT/CNC, GAT/BitCNY trading service on Mar 30
    . GAT (Global AEX Token) is a digital asset based on the BTS blockchain of AEX, with a total amount of 100 billion, which is presented to users through various channels.

    Status of GAT

    1.The total amount of GAT is 100 billion. Current circulation is about 2.5 billion to 3 billion. AEX makes 100 million free airdrops every day (up to 12 billion in circulation).

    2.GAT is distributed based on BTS blockchain, the deposit, withdraw and trading of GAT are also based on the BTS block chain.

    1. 61% of the GAT that have been released will be given to users in a free way. 5% of the GAT that have been released will lock the warehouse and be held by the team. 34% of GAT could be distributed globally by giving away to other trading platforms.

    4.GAT will be widely used as a global universal integral for platform applications, but its ecological construction is not yet complete. Please see below for details.

    The Values and Futures

    The values and futures of GAT, depends on the platform’s development and the application scenario of GAT. In order for you to learn more about GAT, we think it is necessary to explain the platform status and some future plans to you.

    1. We have published the PC client for AEX. And will release APP mobile client (APP has been developed, is in the closed test phase). GAT is likely to be used for platform acceleration services for PC clients and apps.
    1. We are building AEX Forum, which was established in January,2018. The AEX leadership Forum will meet with you in April. The Forum built a multi-level content system around opinion leaders. GAT will play an important role in the Forum, like members, rewards, value-added services, etc.
    1. We have established a Bit World Japan Investment corporation in Japan. As the main business of the Japanese region, including the block chain investment fund and the exchange. The work of our platform is carried out on the basis of taking photos. However, there is a tightening trend in Japanese policy, and the time for completion is uncertain. But GAT will serve as a fuel for the Japanese platform.
    1. We have submitted the application to MAS for approval of SFA and will complete the certification by 2018. After the certification is completed, GAT will be used as a platform fuel for our Singapore platform.
    1. After the GAT opens the transaction, the currency on the platform will charge GAT for the coinage fee. It means that the digital asset team is likely to have a lot of need to buy GAT.
    1. GAT will be regarded as a certificate of priority participation in AEX activities. Most of the platform's activities will be open to users with GAT. This means that users with GAT have more opportunities to get the activity rewards.
    1. After the GAT opens the transaction, 50% of the platform's one-way transaction fee will be used to buy back GAT and participate in TMC dividend (replacing the original BTC dividend).
    1. GAT will realize the lifting of the platform or transaction fee soon. It depends on the progress of the development.
    1. We are working with multiple mines (more than 850,000T Mining) and have reached consensus. A long-term Mining Contract with market competitiveness is about to be launched. Users with GAT will receive preferential treatment and preferential purchase of Mining Contract.
    1. We have reached consensus with multiple platforms. After the opening of GAT, more trading platforms will be available for circulation within the next 1 to 3 months. It means that we will try to keep the GAT flowing.

    It is worth noting that we will try our best to ensure the smooth implementation of the above issues through our operation and r&d team. We released the above information for the purpose of full disclosure. The above content is based on the current market, policy, operating environment of the enterprise planning. But the block chain industry changes quickly. The environment of each country has more uncertainty. We cannot guarantee the long-term effectiveness of the above content. Under certain circumstances, we may reasonably adjust the operation policy and strategy of the platform. Please understand.

    Risk of GAT

    1. The current circulation of GAT is only 2.5 to 3 billion, and 100 million is issued every day through airdrop activities. GAT is at risk of increasing circulation and creating a market sell-off. Please fully consider the factor of 100 billion in investment.
    1. AEX is different from most other platforms. Our operation team has clearly opposed the platform's participation in trading and operation for several years. So there are no traders or positions within the company. GAT will not receive the official "protection", "pull" and other operation support like most platform projects. The market price of GAT is determined by the buyer and seller. This may be lower than the user expects, please consider fully when investing.
    1. GAT is currently available free of charge to users (we will also give GAT in the form of activities later). Therefore, the user currently holds the GAT at a cost of almost 0, and there is a possibility of a no-cost arbitrage. It may impact on market prices adverse. Please give full consideration to your investment.
    1. The future of GAT depends on the development of platform application scenarios. AEX officials will continue to build their ecology and promote their development. However, there is no commitment and endorsement to GAT's return on investment. Please be careful to participate in the detailed investigation and risk taking.

    We look forward to your valuable Suggestions! Thank you for your support to AEX and read the announcement carefully! Best wishes for you!

    AEX Team

    Mar 28, 2018

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    。GAT(全稱Global AEX Token)是AEX平臺基於BTS區塊鏈推出的數字資產,總量1000億,通過各種渠道贈送給用戶。










    3、我們已在日本成立Bit World Japan Investment 株式會社,並以此作為主體開展日本地區業務(區塊鏈投資基金及交易所等),在持有牌照許可的情況下開展平臺服務,當前日本政策有收緊趨勢,完成時間不好預估,但GAT將作為日本平臺的燃料。
























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