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Huobi Global Elites Program and Huobi Knights Recruitment Phase II

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    Huobi Global Regional Leader——Huobi Global Elites Program


    What is Huobi global elites program ?

    The Huobi Global Elites program is created to expand the global business of Huobi and establish itself as the world's largest digital asset trading platform. In this program we would enlist blockchain professionals from targeted regions to achieve this together with us.


    Huobi's vision is to grow together with Huobi Global Elites through sharing of knowledge and resources. The Global Elites who are successful in the building a large market would have the opportunity to take part in creating an independent exchange for that region. (for example like the Huobi's Korean exchange).


    Benefits :

    1.HT Global Point incentive for the designated region. (Huobi Tokens will be given to Global Elites who surpass their annual KPI subject to Huobi's discretion).

    2.Continuous training and development opportunities .

    3.Invitations to Huobi's Global Exchanges events and Summit.

    4.Opportunity to participate in project discussions and investment opportunities seminars.

    5.Enjoy benefits that are consistent with executives.

    6.Global Elites are entitled to higher rebate tiers.


    Huobi Global Elites Selection Requirements:

    1.Has a wealth of local network and resources, required to set up a team to operate to grow regional business.

    2.Has extensive experience in team management, community operations and understand how a brokerage business operates.

    3.Have a long-term optimistic about blockchain and digital assets, along with years of experience in digital asset investment.

    4.Lawfully in compliance with local regulations, and shared the ideals and value of Huobi.

    5.Has at least 3 recommendations from blockchain industry related experts with at least 3 years’ experience.


    For more information:

    Huobi’s Biggest Community——Huobi Knights Recruitment Phase II


    What kind of organization is the Huobi Knights?

    Huobi Knights are Huobi's official community. Knights enjoy HT incentives and many official benefits. Knights are Huobi users who love block chain and digital assets. Everyone regards building a healthy development of digital currency as mission and wants to have in-depth cooperation with each other! At the same time, they participate in the globalization of Huobi and become the most special members of Huobi.


    Exclusive benefits for Huobi Knights:

    ·Identity Authentication - you will receive a Huobi knight certificate, medal, and occasional gift boxes to represent your identity as a "Huobi Knight".

    ·Face to face with icons- you will participate in an exclusive business school course in which a digital currency icon is a lecturer. You can discuss the development of the industry with icons, complete the study, obtain the certificate;

    ·Partners-you can have more contact with Huobi and have the opportunity to become partners of Huobi;

    ·Global visit - you can visit any global office of Huobi (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the US for now).

    ·Meeting-ups - Huobi will organize at least one meet-up every quarter, only for you, who are qualified as Huobi knights, and you will be able to participate in icon theme activities (not only core executives of Huobi but also influential icons are invited);

    ·Participate in the update - you will participate in each update of Huobi, and your advice will be valued by Huobi team;

    ·First-hand message - you will be the first to learn about the firsthand research reports and industry developments that Huobi have been circulating in the community;


    For more information:

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