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LET Trading & Holding TOP10 Win FREE trip to Macau

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    Dear users,


    LET trading & Holding TOP10 users will win a Macau two-day tour organized by LET project team.



    1. Top 10 traders: who successfully registered and whose LET trading volume (buying + selling without volume under orders executed by themselves) between 12:00, April 3rd and 12:00, 10 April (GMT+8) ranks top 10.

     (The ranking will be updated on this page before 18:00 every working day).

    Click here to register:

    1. Top 10 holders: we will snapshot users’ LET holdings at 12:00, April 10 (GMT+8).

    (The top 10 holders are not published to protect users’ privacy.)



    This two-day tour is non-transferable and not be converted to cash. If winners fail to participate in this tour, they will be automatically deemed to give up this reward. The reward includes a round-trip air ticket to Macau + accommodation for 1 night. Visa fees should be paid by themselves. If some users are both top 10 holders and top 10 traders, they can only get one reward. And the other reward will be given to the next user in the rankings.


    This activity is entrusted by the LinkEye (LET) project team to issue on Huobi Pro. The rights of interpretation of the activity is owned by the LET project team, and Huobi Pro does not make any commitment to this.


    Huobi Pro

    April 3, 2018

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