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Announcement on the eosDAC Airdrop for EOS users

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    Dear users,

    According to eosDAC official instructions, eosDAC tokens will be airdropped at the rate of 1:1 for users holding more than 100 EOS on the blockchain at 09:00:00 April 15, 2018 (GMT+8).

    Huobi Pro will support eosDAC's airdrop plan and will take a snapshot of users' EOS assets at 09:00:00 on April 15, 2018. EosDAC official (https: / is expected to complete the airdrop in late April or early May, and we will distribute eosDAC tokens at 1:1 for all users who hold EOS at the time of the snapshot (including those who hold less than 100EOS) after the eosDAC tokens complete the airdrop. In order to ensure that you can receive eosDAC airdrop in time, please deposit the EOS in advance to Huobi Pro.

    Huobi Pro
    April 10th 2018

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