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Huobi Token Q1 Buyback Information

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    Dear users,

    Huobi Token (HT) has attracted much attention since it was launched, and has been supported and recognized by a large number of users. Huobi Pro has pledged 20% of its revenue to buyback (Coin revenue is converted to USDT as the closing price of March 31), while disclosing the related information on a quarterly basis. The buyback in the first quarter has been completed, and the information is as follows:


    I  HT circulation information:

    1.Total supply in the market: 303,129,300

    Rewards of Point Card purchase: 300,013,500

    Marketing promotion: 639,200

    Employee incentive: 2,476,700


    2.Total locked: 704,546

    OTC merchants locked: 4,860,000

    Super Node/Super Partner locked: 15,200,000

    Voting revenue locked: 29,027,000

    Project team locked (security deposit): 12,000,000

    Others locked: 34,700

    Secondary market buyback locked: 9,332,900

    *Because of the high revenue from the voting in the first quarter, the revenue of the secondary market buyback does not include the token voting revenue, but at the same time, we also include all the revenue of the voting in this quarter into the locked positions of the Investor Protection Fund for the protection of investors in all kinds of emergencies. The address of the Investor Protection Fund will be published. The revenue from the HADAX first round of voting are also included in the Investor Protection Fund, which so far has 38.3599 million HT. Super Node, Super Partner and OTC Merchant, security deposit of project team and so on, have a total locked amount of 32.0947 million HT.


    1. Current circulation amount (thousands): 232,764,700

    Circulation = total amount in the market – total locked


    II. Summary of HT use case:

    1. HADAX voting
    1. Security deposits of HADAX project teams
    1. Super Nodes
    1. Super Partners
    1. Security deposits of OTC merchants
    1. VIP costs
    1. Huobi Global Eco Fund
    • There will be more HT use cases to follow, please stay tuned


    III. Answering users’ inquiries about HT buyback:

    1. What is the specific date of each buyback?
    1. How do Huobi deal with the revenue of voting?

    Revenue from voting is also a part of Huobi’s revenue, 20% of which is locked in the form of HT. But this time we made a special treatment for the first quarter of the voting revenue, which is that all of it is locked in the Investor Protection Fund. Investor Protection Fund address will be disclosed in this week.


    1. Will HT make its own public chain?

    The underlying public chain was included in our first plan and it was named Huobi Chain. The details of the public chain plan will be published in a later announcement.


    Huobi token is the key link in the global ecology of Huobi, and it is also the actual landing scene of blockchain application. Huobi team currently are distributed in 13 cities in 7 countries around the world and the use cases of HT will be supplemented in the second quarter. We hope that more and more partners will participate in the Huobi ecology and grow with us. Hope we can work together to promote the development of the industry!

    Huobi Pro

    April 16, 2018

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