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HADAX Voting - Special Event for Super Voting Nodes

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    Dear users,

    HADAX has received great support from users, project teams and partners since the launch of the HADAX voting. So far, we have successfully held five rounds of voting, and we want to express gratitude to all the partners who have given us help and encouragement. The HADAX voting is the first attempt of the community-based operation, which can especially be seen from the introduction of the Super Voting Nodes in the second phase. From the first examination of Super Nodes to determine the projects for public voting to the public voting deciding the projects HADAX list, our token listing is totally community-based.

    The Supe rVoting Nodes are a reputable professional investment agencies introduced by HADAX. Their main duty is to assist HADAX in conducting professional voting and evaluation of projects that apply for listing. Through their professional ability, they can help users to identify high-quality projects and reduce the investment risks of users. The first examination of the first group of 15 Super Voting Nodes has been carried out for four rounds, and their participation in the HADAX voting has made a big step forward in the community-based operation of community which can be seen from the results of the voting. At the same time, in order to make the Super Voting Nodes more diversified and more representative, we have decided to add 7 new Super Voting Nodes at home and abroad starting from this round. We hope that their participation will open up a wider perspective for us and can recommend more high quality projects to us.

    We are also looking for diversification in the voting process. In order to welcome the new
    Super Voting Nodes, we decide to launch a "Special Event for Super Voting Nodes" to promote their benefits, and give them the rights to jointly decide the listing. The top two projects who get the most votes from the Super Voting Nodes in the event will be given the opportunity to be listed directly on HADAX. This Event will be held regularly in the future.

    We have sent the vote projects to Super Nodes for evaluation. The final results will be announced on April 23rd, 2018  (GMT+8). Please pay attention to our announcements.

    Huobi Pro
    April 19, 2018

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