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Results of 1st Round of 3rd Phase of HADAX Voting and Arrangements for the Next Round

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    Dear users,


    The 1st round of the 3rd phase of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) voting will conclude at 13:00 on May 4th, 2018 (GMT+8). Announcement on results of this round and arrangements for the next round are as follows:


    I.The 1st round of the 3rd phase of HADAX Voting:


    1. Voting and refunding of all projects will be suspended after the conclusion of this round of voting.

    2. After all voting statistics are confirmed as valid through background data processing, the Top 3 projects will be marked as “to be listed” and be removed from the voting list.

    3. Refunding of the Top 3 projects will start after they are marked as “to be listed”, and refunding is estimated to complete on May 4th, 2018 (GMT+8). 

    4. Refund window for the unsuccessful projects will open at 14:00 on May 4th (GMT+8), and close at 13:00 on May 8th, 2018 (GMT+8).


    II. The 2st round of the 3rd phase of HADAX Voting:


    1.     Voting of this round will last for 7 days, which will start at 14:00 on May 4th (GMT+8) and will conclude at 13:00 on May 11th, 2018 (GMT+8).

    2.     To avoid any bribery conducted by project teams, rules of this round of preliminary review will be adjusted, that is, 21 Super Voting Nodes will be randomly chosen to cast their votes and the unchosen Super Voting Nodes will not participate in this round.  

    3.     The projects that pass the preliminary review of the Super Voting Nodes will be added to the voting list dynamically.

    4.     After the voting, users can have their votes for the unsuccessful projects refunded automatically or keep them until the projects win and then have them refunded by HADAX.

    5.     Users can have their votes refunded automatically at least 72 hours before the voting ends, and then the HTs will be refunded automatically. In less than 72 hours before the voting ends, refunding is not available until the voting ends.

    6.     Teams can set up their own incentive rules and distribute the incentives among the voters in proportion to the number of votes after the token is listed. For example: Project A sets an incentive of 1 million Token, and the users cast 1 million votes during the voting, then 1 Token will be rewarded for each vote. Teams can adjust the incentives during the voting process. However, the incentives can only be increased and cannot be decreased.

    7.     The reward tokens from project teams will be sent to users in 4 installments. When the token is live on HADAX, voted users will get the first quarter of tokens. Later, they will get each quarter in each week that follows.

    8.     The Top 3 projects receiving the most votes will win, and the project obtaining the highest number of votes will have the priority of entering Huobi Pro listing audit.


    Notes: All the HT paid for the voting will be refunded. The locking rule during the last 72 hours of each phase is set to avoid impact on the final results by frequent voting and refunding. Users can have their paid HT refunded at any other time.  


    We would like to extend our appreciation for the support from users, projects and partners. We will strive to provide you with high-quality services!



    May 3rd, 2018


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