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Membership Event for Indonesians

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    This is Bithumb, the global cryptocurrency exchange.
    Thanks for the the love of our global users, 
    ‘Membership Event for Indonesians’ will be running from May 7 to May 20.
    For new customers to experience Bithumb’s convenient service, 
    we will provide a fee-free coupon for a specific period and price range as soon as you register.
    We chose Indonesia for the first place of this event based on active participation 
    on our previous ‘Bithumb Global User Survey’.
    Please stay in tuned for the ‘Membership Event for Indonesians’ and 
    Bithumb will always try to provide our customers variety of events and convenience!
    Thank you.
    <Note for the Event>
    1.  Period : From May 7, 2018 (Mon) to May 20, 2018 (Sun) 
    2.  To whom :  Indonesian customers who register during the event period
    3.  Goods : Trading fee free coupon (trading under $ 11,000) 
                        This coupon will be automatically issued within 48 hours after the registration.

    1. Note 
      – This coupon will be distributed to Indonesians who are registered with Indonesian mobile carrier
      – This coupon will be available for 30 days from the issuance date 
      – This coupon will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and 
         can be used up earlier than expected
      – This coupon is supposed to be distributed only for this event and will be excluded 
         from refund of Bithumb cash
      – An illegal transaction and misusage of this coupon may result in disqualification. 
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