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Bitalk Conference----New Era / 幣論發布會-新時代

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    Through the joint efforts of the team ,AEX ushered in new versions:

    Bitalk community and AEX news flash

    .And secretly tell you that the AEX community will continue to iterate .The beginning of the second phase ,we may come to GAT applications such as reward, anonymous, pay small circle, VIP identity and many other value-added services .Coming soon .

    Looking back over the past five years, a large number of users have learned and acquired relevant information in the block chain industry from the old platform (Bit World) .In the past, the platform played the role of popularizing block chain industry knowledge and promoting bitcoin and all kinds of currencies, and also played the important task of recording the development history of the industry .It can be said that Bit world is the place of enlightenment for many users .

    Nowadays ,Bit World users have left their footprints in many fields such as wallets, mining, exchanges, quotations and information.They started from here , quickly established a systematic cognition of the industry, and then nurtured the industry ,made a lot of contributions .We are very pleased with this.

    However, in the face of great opportunities, we must also see the reality.

    At the beginning of the formation of any subversive technology, it will inevitably be treated differently .When the technology of block chain is widely sought after, it is also mixed with rumors and noisy ,malicious voices .So many users can not get objective and authoritative industry information quickly and accurately .Even the cry of many powerful official teams or individuals may be concealed under these noises .When those real voices can't be heard ,the bright future of the industry can't be seen ,it can be imagined that how disappointing those who love the industry from the heart will feel.

    Therefore, Bitalk should be born .We follow the initial heart ,committing to creating a we-media community with values, bottom line, and no evil .We expect that it will not only be the place where you get the latest information from the industry ,but also the freedom to express your thoughts ;We believe that it will soon become the place of many chain enthusiasts and preachers to make the greatest contribution to the healthy development of the industry ;We also firmly believe that it will always be with you, and will accompany you to witness the arrival of a new era.

    We sincerely hope:

    When you can't understand some professional terms in the industry ,Bitalk can give you an answer ;

    When you can't determine whether a message is true or not ,Bitalk can help you distinguish between true and false;

    When your project is challenged, slandered and attacked ,Bitalk is your first voice;

    When you want to know something about small gossip ,Bitalk can also satisfy your inner turmoil...

    The first edition of Bitalk may not have very good experiences, so we hope to be more considerate. We will constantly improve and enhance the product experience. Telling you secretly that it will increase the GAT reward function, and may consider opening the pay circle and anonymous disclosure area.

    Having said so much, we return to the topic of our conference. Now we are sincerely inviting you to participate in our the online conference of Bitalk ,and there are 12000000GAT and mysterious eggs waiting for you. As long as you participate in the vote, you can divide the ritual:
    Click to Join The Activity>>>

    Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to those who have always supported BIT EAR. Let's work together to create a freedom sounding ground belongs to us, which is named



    Cut-off Line

    At present, the recruitment of first batch of vocalizations in the community is being opened. Because of the first batch, the requirements are relatively higher in order to operate easily .

    Recruitment standards:

    1. The official teams or companies of the block chain industry.

    2. Block chain economic scholars and experts.

    3. Block chain investors.

    4. Famous financial we-media bloggers .

    5. And well-known block chain enthusiasts can apply for authentication( Those who have a unique view on an analytical dimension ,have successful experience in the coin circle investment ,are proficient in some coin circle data and pleasure to share with other people) .

    Related welfare:

    1. It has a certification identity that allows users to distinguish their identities for the first time .

    2. Enjoy a variety of privileges ,such as the issuance of opinions and articles .

    3. The right to be exposed ,and the content will be read by more peoples.

    4. Professional team for your publicity ,quality channel for your exposure ,and you also have a chance to become a we-media big shot in coin circle .

    5. The first batch of resident will be given GAT.

    You might notice:

    1. How to release your opinion ?

    Through platform real name authentication, and become a V user, you can publish opinion on the home page distribution box.

    1. Why does opinion need to be audited before it can be displayed on the home page ?

    In order to maximize the exposure of quality content ,and maximize the content value ,we will conduct manual screening and quality content recommendation for your opinions.

    1. What kind of content will be recommended to the home page ?

    High quality content related to the block chain industry(Academic theoretical knowledge ,depth analysis ,professional review conclusion ,information view ,etc.) ,and the first and original content on the platform will receive our key recommendation.


















    幣 論

    分 割 線





















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