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Announcement on Excessive Trading Abuse of the recent BCH Incentive Campaign / 关于BCH交易排名活动刷量行为处理办法的告知

  • administrators

    Dear Valued Customers,
    Referring to the BCH incentive campaign that launched on December 28, 2017. After a thorough review, we found that there are some loopholes within the campaign’s Terms and Conditions, which excessive trading abusive behaviours have been identified.
    We are deeply sorry for the improper schemes and here are our follow up actions:

    1. OKEx does not support any excessive trading abuse behavioural transactions.2. According to the T&C section 7, users who were involved in the excessive trading abuse transactions will be disqualified from this campaign.3. OKEx will adjust the fee model in order to prevent excessive trading abuse behaviour. Please stay tuned for our latest announcement.
      Thank you very much for your attention and understanding.
      OKExDecember 29, 2017


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