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Huobi OTC Global Merchant Wanted!

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    Dear customers:

    Huobi OTC dedicates to delivering most reliable digital asset trading services to customers from all over the world.


    “Global Merchant” means:

    A global merchant means a single person or a professional team who is qualified to post fiat-to-token advertisements (“ad” in short) for free.


    Privileges of becoming a global merchant:

    By becoming a global merchant, you can enjoy:

    1. Free fiat-to-token ad posting qualification as to gain more earnings during “ Buy & Sell” processes;

    2. Zero transaction fee;

    3. 7*24 customer support. 


    Information required for becoming a global merchant:

    1. Your Huobi UID

    2. Your contact information such as Tel/ Email/ WeChat/ Telegram/ Whatsapp

    3. Your country or region code

    4. Tell us which fiat(s) you use and which country or region you want to join as a global merchant

    Please email the above information to
    (email subject named as: “Huobi OTC Global Merchant Application-your name”) and we will contact you within 48 hours and crosscheck related information then.


    Quota on global merchants:

    To safeguard interests of our global merchants, we will limit the number of global merchants to 5 at max for each country or region, and we will make elimination rules accordingly to guarantee great user experience.


    We are also planning to launch other activities such as rebate trading for both global merchants and new users. For official detail issuing, please keep following on us.

    We welcome experienced and resourceful teams or persons to join our OTC to build a robust ecosystem. Come and join now! 


    Huobi Pro

     May 4th,, 2018



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