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HADAX Voting - 2nd Round of Special Event for Super Voting Nodes officially starts now

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    Dear users,

    HADAX held " Special Event for Super Voting Nodes " on April 19, which has been widely praised by the industry. Super nodes with professional ability and industry experience, effectively selected a number of high-quality projects. Therefore, we decide to continue the "Special Event for Super Voting Nodes". The second round will be officially launched today (2018-5-8, GMT+8). The detailed rules are as follows:
    (1) Special Event for Super Voting Nodes is held at an irregular time;
    (2) In each special event, Super Nodes do not need to vote twice, but we will choose the votes listed in HADAX public voting as the first votes of this special event, and top 2 projects will win;
    (3) Wining projects do not need to participate in the public voting and will directly be listed on the HADAX;

    1. The results of this round of special event:
      (1) There were 21 super nodes which participated in the special event, and 101 votes were casted to 29 projects;
      (2) The top two projects Aeternity blockchain (AE) (supported by 0 super nodes) and Republic Protocol (REN) (supported by 7 super nodes);
      (3) Super nodes which supported Aeternity blockchain (AE): Bixin Capital, Danhua Capital, Linkvc, FBG, Shuanghua Capital, Imagination Fund (Plum), Draper, Dfund;
      (4) Super nodes which supported Republic protocol: Danhua Capital, Linkvc, FBG, Zhen Fund, BlockVc, Kenetic;
      (5) The HT paid by the public voting of the winning projects will be returned to the voters within today. The token rewards given to the user by the project team will be distributed to the voters in four times: one quarter will be sent when the coin is listed, and then one quarter will be sent every seven days.
      (6) The two winning projects will be removed from the public voting list today. We will list them from May 9. Please pay your attention to the announcement.

    So far, HADAX has included 39 super nodes, which will continue to increase in the future. We will announce the super node benefit upgrade plan in the near future, as well as the rating & knock-out mechanism, so please stay tuned.

    Huobi Pro
    May 8, 2018

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