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Binance & Monaco Bring You a Happy New Year with a Lamborghini Giveaway! / Monaco 新年礼,豪送兰博基尼

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    Binance and Monaco announce an expansion of its strategic cooperation. Binance has added the MCO/BNB trading pair to its platform. At the same time, Monaco has included support for Binance’s BNB token to its platform which includes the Monaco Visa Card and mobile app. To celebrate the expansion of this partnership, Binance will host an MCO trading promotion running from 2017/12/26 0:00 AM to 2018/01/03 0:00 AM (UTC Time).
    Competition No.1: MCO Trading Competition
    For the first competition, we will rank traders from 1 to 20 in terms of the total MCO volume traded on your account (includes both buys & sells) during the competition period.

    1st Place will receive a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe
    2nd Place will receive 4,000 MCO
    3rd Place will receive 1,500 MCO
    4th - 10th: will each equally split a pool of 3,500 MCO
    11th - 20th: will each equally split a pool of 3,000 MCO

    Competition No.2: 20,000 MCO Giveaway
    For the second competition, users will be rewarded based on Net Deposits (deposits minus withdrawals) during the competition period. Rewards will be allocated in the following format.

    Net Deposits ≥ 1,000 MCO, will all equally split a pool of 10,000 MCO
    500 MCO ≤ Net Deposits <1,000 MCO, will all equally split a pool of 5,000 MCO
    100 MCO ≤ Net Deposits <500 MCO, will all equally split a pool of 5,000 MCO

    Note:The Top 20 ranked winners in the Trading Competition will not be able to take part in the Net Deposits Competition; The Winners of the Net Deposits Competition will be announced when the competitions end.  
    Prize Distribution Time:
    For all winners, please send an email to us with your Name + Binance Account + Phone number (or skype) to  before 2018/01/14.

    Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.
    All trades that we deem to be “wash trades” will not count towards your total trading volume for this Trading Competition.
    The purchase of car do not include taxes and fees.

    Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas!
    Binance Team
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    奖励一:MCO 交易排名赛

    第    1    名 :兰博基尼(2018 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe)
    第    2    名 :4,000 MCO
    第    3    名 :1,500 MCO
    第 4 -10 名 :平分3,500 MCO
    第11-20 名 :平分3,000 MCO


    净充值 ≥ 1,000 MCO 的用户平分 10,000 MCO
    500 MCO ≤ 净充值 <1,000 MCO 的用户平分  5,000 MCO
    100 MCO ≤ 净充值 <500 MCO 的用户平分 5,000 MCO

    兑奖时间香港时间2018年01月14日前,汽车获得者请发送姓名+币安账户+电话号码邮件至  ,联系我们。



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