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OKEx Launches SWFTC / OKEx上线SWFTC的公告

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    Dear Valued Customers,
    We are launching SwftCoin(SWFTC) soon, please take note of the following go-live schedules:

    1. SWFTC deposit - 16:00 Dec 27, 2017 (Hong Kong Time)
    2. SWFTC spot trading - 16:00 Dec 28, 2017 (Hong Kong Time)
    3. SWFTC withdrawal - Dec 29, 2017 (Hong Kong Time)
      As the transaction of digital assets involve extensive risks, you are reminded to assess your risk tolerance before participating in these trades.
      As always, OKEx will do all it takes to provide you with the best products and services.
      December 27, 2017

    OKEx温馨提示,数字资产是创新型投资品,价格波动较大,具有较高的投资风险。投资前望您对数字资产充分认知,理性判断投资能力,审慎做出投资决策。 OKEx将持续不断地为您提供更优秀的产品和更优质的服务! OKEx2017年12月27日

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