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The Winners Of The First WaykiChain(WIC) Activity. / 維基鏈首期活動獲獎名單公佈

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    Dear Users:

    By January 11, 2018 (GTM+8), the First WaykiChain(WIC) Activity was over. There were 611 people won the prize. Only one user won the first prize, 350 people on the Transaction TOP 50 List, and 260 people on the list of the Lucky Draw. We sent out 652 Gold Bars and a Mercedes-Benz C180 at all!

    Frist The List of Winners

    The super player trades 8,076,476.48 WIC. Drive the Mercedes-Benz home!

    After a fierce competition. The winner of the First WaykiChain(WIC) Activity, his ID is



    He won the first place with 8,076,476.48 WIC

    . Supper user will driving his Mercedes C180 home!

    Here is the “WIC Transaction in TOP 50”lists.

    Here is the “Lucky Draw Winners List”.

    Second Awards

    Please submit your information as soon as possible at the
    in AEX Platform (including your ID, name, phone number and address) . Please ensure the accuracy of your information.

    We will distribute the prizes to you within 7 working days. Please check it.

    We originally planned to send out 1,000 Bold Bars, but actually sent 652. The Second WaykiChain(WIC) Activity will be held after the opening of the Deposit and Withdraw System. The remaining Gold Bars will be put into the second activit, they will continue to send! Please be patient!

    Jan 17, 2018.


    截止2018年1月11日(GTM+8),維基鏈第一期活動已經結束。本次活動的中獎人數為611人:大獎獲獎人數1人;每日TOP 50榜單獲得金條用戶共計350名;幸運抽獎中獎用戶260名。共計送出金條652根,奔馳C180一輛!


    超級玩家誕生!交易額高達8,076,476.48 WIC,奔馳開回家!

    經過一番激烈的角逐,本期維基鏈活動的大獎獲得者是ID號為387414的用戶。這位超級用戶以8,076,476.48 WIC的交易額拔得頭籌,成功將奔馳C180開回家!

    交易排行競爭太激烈!每日TOP 50大起底!







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