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Notice of delay in IOST deposit / IOST的充值时间调整

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    Dear Valued Customers,
    Due to ETH network congestion, IOST is faced with launching delay. To protect most users' interest, we decide to make the following adjustments:

    1. IOST deposit is rescheduled to - 19:00 Jan 12, 2018 (Hong Kong Time)
    2. IOST spot trading is rescheduled to - 16:00 Jan 15, 2018 (Hong Kong Time)
    3. IOST withdrawal is rescheduled to - Jan 16, 2018 (Hong Kong Time)
      We sincerely apologize for the delay occurred! 
      As the transaction of digital assets involve extensive risks, you are reminded to assess your risk tolerance before participating in these trades.
      As always, OKEx will do all it takes to provide you with the best products and services.
      January 11, 2018


    1. 充值时间调整为:2018年1月12日19时,
    2. 交易时间调整为:2018年1月15日14时,
    3. 提现调整为:2018年1月16日;

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