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Instructions on Removing Trading Passwords / 關於去除交易密碼的說明

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    Dear user:

    In order to make your account more secure and transactions more convenient, AEX decided to cancel the "Transaction Password" function. From now on, Google Authentication Code will replace the Transaction Password to verify your transaction. All users who had been bound to Google Authentication, needs to enter the Google Authentication Code for the first transaction after login.They no longer need to enter Transaction Password anymore. The users who have no binding Google Authentication, make deposit/withdrawal/transaction must be binding Google Authentication when their account balance is greater than zero.

    To keep users’account in AEX safer. We recommend that all the AEX users to bind Google Authentication, in very highly recommended. Click to the operation methods:

    If users uninstall their Google Authentication APP carelessly, or lose their Key of Google Authentication. Please contact customer service for authentication. Users can submit their problem in "
    ", or contacts AEX official customer service by sending an email to:

    AEX has been committed to providing a safer and more secure exchange environment for users. We are deeply sorry for all the inconveniences that what we have caused. We hope that users can understand and support us. Best wish to you!

    Jan 19, 2018.







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