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BitCNY Related Instructions / BitCNY的相關說明

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    Dear users:

    Recently, the sharp fluctuations in the price of the digital asset market and the large price correction have led to a sharp reduction of 53.5% of the BitCNY supply (from 600 million to 279 million),but the market demand for BitCNY is still strong, and the BitCNY in the hands of the acceptor is in extreme shortage, which leads to the highcost of BitCNY. To this end, we make the following instructions:

    1. The acceptance provider is an important member of the bitshares system, non AEX official. There is no cooperative relationship and legal relationship between AEX and the acceptor. Anyone can become an acceptoron his own.
    1. The service rate of BitCNY is determined by the acceptor according to the supply and demand of the market. The AEX platform is not right and will not interfere with the acceptor market.
    1. BitCNY is a decentralized digital currency issued by bitshares system, which is generated by mortgage bitshares (BTS). Behind every BitCNY there is always 2 times of BTS as collateral. There is no need to worry about its cash.
    1. AEX will reconsider the BitCNY channel, and may introduce other assets as acceptance criteria. In addition, we will speed up the work and restore the free currency of the currencies in order to deepen the activity and liquidity of the market.

    At present, the number of acceptor in the recipient's ecology has reached more than a hundred.Each family has a different charge. With bulging wallets as an example, the acceptor of business users is currently adopted recently in the practice of subsidizing 10% (i.e. 100 BitCNY convertible 110 yuan), to attract more people to sell the BitCNY business.

    Some part of the acceptor by taking asymmetric information, not to provide users with additional upside down. We suggest that users compare different acceptances at the time of BitCNY acceptance in order to obtain the best exchange rate.

    Note: there is a great risk in the transaction of digital assets. Please decide whether to participate in the transaction according to the actual situation of your own.

    Jan 18, 2018















    當前,承兌商生態中的承兌商數量已經高達百餘家,每家收費不盡相同,以鼓鼓錢包為例,其承兌商近日在用戶提現時採用倒貼10%的做法(即100 BitCNY可兌換110元),來吸引更多人將BitCNY賣給承兌商,而部分承兌商則利用資訊不對稱,未向用戶提供額外的倒貼,我們建議用戶在進行BitCNY承兌時,多對比不同的承兌商,以獲得最優的匯率。




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