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The List Of Trading On GNX. / GNX交易活動獲獎名單公告

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    Dear Users:

    The activity of
    “Trading GNX Will Get 20 IPhone X”
    had been ended at 21:00 on Jan 19, 2018(GTM+8). Now, here is a list of winners, who trading GNX volume (buy & sell) ranked the top 20 users, and the trading volume was 10000 GNX or above. They will get an iPhone X (256G) for free.

    Please submit your information as soon as possible at the

    in AEX Platform (including your ID, name, phone number and address) . Please ensure the accuracy of your information.

    We will distribute the prizes to you within 7 working days. Please check it.

    In addition, due to the updating of the Deposit and Withdraw System, the activity of "Deposit GNX's insane gift 80,000 GNX” has been affected, because there is no Deposit.
    At present, the Deposit of GNX has been restored. The end of the activity ended at 21:00 on Jan 27(GTM+8).

    Thank you for your supporting!

    Jan 21, 2018


    《交易GNX壕送20 iPhone X、充值再送¥500000》
    第一個環節“交易任性送20臺 iPhone X”已於2018年1月19日21:00結束,現公佈用戶獲獎名單。GNX交易量(買入+賣出)排名前20用戶,且交易量需滿足10000GNX及以上,每人可获得一臺iPhoneX(256G)。



    此外,由於平台充提幣系統更新,《交易GNX壕送20 iPhone X、充值再送¥500000》第二個環節“充值任性送8萬GNX”活動因無法充值而受到影響。



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