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Huobi Token (HT) Reward for Communities of Listed Crypto Assets

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    Dear Users,

    We were brought to attention that many people could not get their HT during our daily point card sale, therefore in line with Huobi’s strategy to reward our users, we have decided to give away free Huobi Tokens in another manner.

    This promotion is aimed at rewarding the communities of listed crypto assets on Huobi Pro’s platform which includes the following (in alphabetical order): -

    Participating Crypto Assets:



    Huobi Token (HT) Reward for Communities of Listed Crypto Assets.

    (0.618 Huobi Tokens to be given free for above 100 USDT worth of transactions)

    1. Qualification/ Mechanism

    1.1 When is the promotion?

    Promotion time from 19:00, 26th of January to 24:00, 31st of January (GMT+8)

    1.2 How to participate?

    (1) New users who registered via specific promotion links during the promotion time. Specific links would be given by community managers of participating crypto assets or join Huobi Pro official telegram at

    (2) Complete ID verification

    Trade above 100USDT worth of participating crypto assets (please note that the link is specific for each community)

    (3) One time reward for the first 100USDT worth of transaction only

    1.3 When will the tokens be given?

    Reward of (0.618 HT) will be given automatically in the new user’s Huobi Pro account in the next 2 working days to those who meet the criteria above.

    1. Conditions

    Not valid for users from China and USA

    1. Notice

    If you are not registered during the promotion period you will not be entitled to the rewards.

    In order to qualify, the promotional link must correspond with the participating crypto assets. i.e. the link given by DBC can only qualify for trades of DBC above 100 USDT.

    Trades from Margin trading and OTC will not be included in this promotion.

    Huobi Pro will not distribute HTs to, and will not honor any benefits associated with HTs for, users from jurisdictions (including, without limitation, the United States) where the give-away, distribution, buyback, use, redemption and trading of HTs may require any form of regulatory registration, approval, consent, or similar actions, or where HTs may be considered as securities or instruments subject to similar regulation.

    Above promotion is subject to Huobi Pro's final interpretative decision. Huobi Pro reserves the right to disqualify any person who is known or suspected by Huobi Pro to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by Huobi Pro.

    Huobi Pro

    January 26

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