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Removed Six COINS And Presented The Renovation Candy. / 關於RIC等6幣下架及贈送翻新糖果公告

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    Dear users:

    Previously, we have published
    "RIC And Other Six COINS in One and Retendered"
    , which is scheduled to be updated on Feb 1. After the announcement, we considered and listened to user Suggestions.
    We are responsible for the user and ensure that the renovation project is completed successfully. The implementation details of the renovation project are as follows:

    1.During the period from 1 February to 28 February, users can receive the renovation project BITE candy at any time.

    2.Calculation method: According to YBC,HLB,XCN,WDC,MEC and RIC's AEX average transaction price, in the past 30 trading days. This will be the value base of the old coin. On the basis of this value, the user can get the same amount of BITE (bonus 20%) based on the BITE market price.

    3.The market price of BITE is as follows: The current average price of BITE of the AEX and ZB platform BTC Markets (updated every 2 minutes).

    4.Users must get their BITE before 23:59 on Feb 28, and they will be considered as voluntarily giving up participating in this Renovation Project.

    5.After you get your BITE, the old coin will still be yours. You can mention as a memorial to personal purse (premise is in the wallet network is available, part of the official wallet has permanent damage), can also be transferred to other platforms to sell (if there are other trading platform).

    6.If the price fluctuates greatly, and the AEX delivers the BITE more than the original quantity. AEX will be purchased from the market and distributed to users, To ensure user interest first.

    7.The old currency has stopped trading and will be removed in the near future.

    8.If your CIONS are from our platform before Nov 10, 2017 (the effective quantity = number of COINS). Then we will allow you to take the effective money back to the platform to participate in the renovation, the deadline is February 28, 2018. Please contact customer service. The currency of other circumstances may not participate in the renovation.

    For Examples:

    If I hold 100MEC, the average transaction price of MEC in the past 30 trading days is 0.1 yuan. Then I can get BITE candy at any time between Feb 1 and Feb28.

    Such as: The current BITE is 0.5 CNY, currently you can receive 24 BITE (20% bonus has been given) . If the current BITE is 0.4 CNY, you can get the number of BITE is current 30 (20% bonus has been given).
    It means that the higher the BITE price, the fewer BITE you get. The lower the BITE price, the more BITE you get. However, the BITE you get is always 120% of the value of the old currency (20% extra).
    We will guarantee that your account will be 20% full at the time of exchange.

    About The Renovation:

    The six old COINS involved in the renovation were almost all the old COINS from 2013 to 2014. On the one hand, the original team has been silent for a long time. On the other hand, the market is not active enough. From the platform, I hope to get the old COINS to release the resources and reduce the operation cost. From the user, the old coin shelf means to sell again facing difficulties.

    In order to protect the interests of users, AEX platform has been successfully bidding for several renovation projects. More than 20 old COINS have been added and reborn in this way. This is both protection and indulgence for investors in the blockchain industry.
    However, the platform will not guarantee the future value of the refurbished project and will not provide any guarantee or operation for the refurbishment project.

    In fact, straight down is an industry practice and is the most logical approach. However, we found that even though the platform was well-intentioned, there was still greater hope that users would receive additional retrofit benefits, leading to greater controversy. This has departed from the original intention of the renovation project.
    AEX will be cautious about this mode in the later period, and may use more directly.


    1. What is the average transaction price in the past 30 trading days of RIC and other six currencies?
    1. How do I get the refurbished candy?

    A: Enter "Wallets" to find the corresponding old currency, click "Get The BITE candy" and collected it. Please check it in "Finance" after you get the Candy.

    1. Can I participate in the collection of refurbished candies in BTC38?

    A: Yes. All you need to do is to transfer the old currency to AEX at the top right corner of the BTC38 "personal center". You can collect it at any time before March 1, 2018. If you fail to accept it, you will be deemed to have given up.

    1. What is your BITE?

    A: BITE is graphene project team members to create a new blockchain, all the information about the project, please pay attention to their website:

    1. Does BITE have investment prospects?

    A: please read the white paper carefully. And take a cautious approach on the premise of taking risks. The project is currently trading in AEX and ZB. However, the platform will not guarantee any project prospect and will not provide any guarantee or endorsement.

    Feb 1, 2018






























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