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Huobi Pro Establishes Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) and “Voting for Token Listing” Is Enabled

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    Dear Users,


    As the global market of digital assets is growing day by day, the type and scale of creative digital assets change rapidly. Huobi Pro currently has a centralised operation mode which audit every token to be listed with strict evaluation standards. Although this mode may help users to select quality assets and reduce the investment risks, it also has some drawbacks including too long audit period, strong subjectivity, and limited coverage. This mode now struggles to keep up with the fast pace of market, and this may take many excellent investment opportunities away from our users. Besides, as the development of digital assets industry, digital asset traders become more professional and there are more users involved into the industry.

    Here are the goals of Huobi Pro:

    1.  Provide professional traders who have certain capacity of undertaking risks and investing with more trading options to choose from and meet the requirements of different types of users.

    2.  Offer opportunities for creative digital asset start-ups and bring them to professional investors. Create a platform for digital asset and blockchain start-up teams.


    So Huobi Pro now launches our sub-brand Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange, short for (HADAX). The website is
    . This exchange lists creative digital assets for professional investors.


    HADAX creates a brand-new operation mode:

    1.  Audit system is changed to registration system. HADAX only confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of projects but do not make any evaluation of their investment value.

    2.  Users own the rights to vote for token listing. Users can vote for tokens using HTs. Tokens with top votes will be listed on HADAX.

    3.  Investor admittance standards are set up. Since tokens listed on HADAX are in the early stage and have higher investment risks, investor admittance standards are established. HADAX will only be opened to professional investors with certain investment experience.

    4.  HADAX shares all the user data with Huobi Pro. All the income of HADAX will be counted as the income of Huobi Pro.

    5.  If tokens listed on HADAX meet the listing standards of Huobi Pro, they will also be listed in the “New Zone”of Huobi Pro. If tokens listed on Huobi Pro that no longer meet the listing standards of Huobi Pro but are qualified to be listed on HADAX, they will be moved to HADAX.


    HADAX Live Schedule:

    1.  Project application: Feb 3rd – 12:00 Feb 8th (GMT+8)

    From today, you can click this link:
     to fill in the project information and apply to list. The application deadline is 12:00 Feb 8th (GMT+8). All the submitted projects will enter the voting process after our audit.

    2.  1st phase voting: Feb 10th – 12:00 Feb 28th (GMT+8)

    In the 1st phase of this voting, we only support ERC20 tokens. Users can use Huobi Token (HT) to vote for the projects you support. The vote results of the 1st phase will be published on Feb 28th.

    3.  HADAX live date: March 1st (GMT+8)

    HADAX will be live on March 1st and will list the first group of tokens according to the results.


    For more details about voting, please pay attention to our announcements on Huobi Pro.


    Huobi Pro

    Feb 3rd, 2018

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