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Notice of BitCNY Withdrawals / BitCNY提幣重要公告

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    Dear Users:

    At present, the user feedback BitCNY withdrawals is slow, in order to avoid all kinds of unwanted speculation, AEX decides to respond to a unified response:

    1. At present, the delay in withdrawals BitCNY is due to the oversize of the short term BitCNY withdrawals , the shortage of supply and the shortage of the BitCNY deposit of the platform.

    Since before the old platform "a key to repaying "assets to AEX, part of the assets in accordance with the 1:1 becomes BitCNY , resulting in tens of millions of yuan BitCNY gap (AEX still holds the assets).

    We have been gradually recovering BitCNY from the original part of the asset, but it's very difficult to recover because of the current BitCNY shortage.

    AEX decided to suspend the BitCNY withdrawals and expedite the recovery of BitCNY
    .It is expected that it will take a long time to wait for the BitCNY market to resume normal and further processing
    .If you are in a hurry to withdraw, try to replace it with other coin withdrawals as much as possible or contact customer service manual handling of withdrawals
    , manual processing is relatively slow, please be patient.

    In view of the particularity of BitCNY, we believe that the market supply is too volatile in practical application, and it can not meet the market demand when the market falls.We will try to introduce other equivalent assets to supplement it.

    1. BitCNY deposit is still normal, you can continue the deposit.
    1. Other coin deposits and withdrawals are not affected .

    As a trading platform for global users, AEX has been working to provide secure, stable and reliable transaction services. Your assets are very safe in AEX. Please rest assured. For the inconvenience you have caused, please forgive.

    Feb 8, 2018













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