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AEX Rewards: Million Super Welfares! / AEX福利社:狂送百萬超級福利

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    Dear Users:

    Since the launch of Super Welfare activities on Dec 24, 2017, we have always insisted on bringing benefits and joy to users. Super Welfar has gone through 47 times with us. A total of $80,000 was given(price on presentation). It is loved and praised by users. As of now, super welfare has received 11 sponsors, and more than $800,000 sponsorship(price on receipt of sponsorship), and they still growing up. We will send the Super Welfar at 4:00 A.M. (GMT+0) every day. Pay attention, please!

    In order to get more users to participate in the Super Welfare, and promote the Super Welfare activities. We decided to adjust the rules of the activity. Details are as follows:

    1. During the promotion period, there is no need to Deposit 0.05BTC (≈2341 BitCNY) or 1ETH (≈4770 BitCNY).
      If you holding more than 1 BitCNY, you can participate in Super Welfare.
    1. If you receive Super Welfare, the system will deduct 1BitCNY from your balance. If you do not have the Super Welfare, the system will not deduct your BitCNY.
    1. The activity time is still at London time 4:00A.M. (GMT+0).
    1. Super Welfare only allows users who have already bound Google Authentication.
    1. AEX has the right to final interpretation of this activity.

    (Click to "Super Welfare")

    In addition, before 3:00 A.M. (GMT+0) on Feb 9,
    we will continue to keep your Super Welfare opportunities for users who have already qualified for Super Welfare. After the promotion period, your Super Welfare qualification will resume.
    The end of the specific time for the promotion, please wait for our notice.

    Thank you for your support!

    Feb 9, 2018




    1. 推廣期間,現在無需充值0.05BTC(≈2341 BitCNY)或1ETH(≈4770 BitCNY),只要您
      持有≥1 BitCNY,即可參與超級福利


    1. 當您抽中福利後,系統會扣取您1BitCNY,若您沒有抽中,系統不會扣取您的資產。
    1. 活動時間依舊為每天中午12:00A.M. (北京時間GMT+8)。
    1. 本活動只對綁定穀歌驗證用戶開放。
    1. 本活動最終解釋權歸AEX所有。

    (點擊前往 AEX超級福利)




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