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Huobi HADAX Will Start the First Session of Voting for Token Listing

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    Dear users,


    Huobi Pro will start the first session of Voting for Token Listing on our sub-brand, Huobi Antonomous Digital Asset eXchange – HADAX on 12 February, 2018 (GMT +8). For the first voting session, there will be 60 projects listed for voting. Huobi Pro will list the TOP10 tokens on HADAX based on the final voting results.


    Due to overwhelming participation, the projects listed for voting will be limited to 60. Projects which are not listed are due to various reasons such as incomplete/incorrect submission of information, non-ERC20 tokens, fund-raising not being completed, etc. Please contact our business development staff to edit/update the information in order to participate in the next voting session.


    Voting Period:

    Singapore Standard Time

    12:00, 12 February 2018 – 12:00, 28 February 2018


    Voting Rules:

    1. Only verified users of Huobi Pro can participate in the voting.

    2. Users must use Huobi Token (HT) to vote.

    3. Each user must vote at least 1 vote for each project and can vote up to 1 million votes. You have to pay 0.1HT for each vote. There are no limits for the number of votes and projects.

    4. HT will not be refunded once been paid.


    Rules for Voting for Token Listing:

    1. The projects which are qualified for the final listing must be voted by over 1000 people.

    2. We will list the trading of TOP10 tokens against BTC and ETH on HADAX successively in 5 working days according to the votes rankings when the voting ends.

    3. If the final votes are the same for two tokens, the one with more people supported take precedence.

    4. We will announce the winners of the first session Voting for Token Listing on February 28(GMT+8) and list them from March 1. Two tokens will be listed every working day.

    5. We will start to review the projects for the second voting session from February 22(GMT+8). When the first voting session ends on February 28(GMT+8), we will add new projects to the voting list and start the second voting session.

    6. When the first session ends, tokens failed to enter TOP10 will enter the second session automatically and cumulative votes and supporters will be remained.

    7. To ensure a steady and well-regulated service to our users and project teams, we will list 10 tokens for each voting session and launch trading for two tokens every working day.

    8. When the first session ends, Huobi may adjust the rules for the forthcoming voting sessions depending on related circumstances.


    Accredited traders for HADAX:

    1. Users with over 1BTC balances on Huobi Pro and HADAX.

    2. The last trading time on Huobi Pro is 30 days ago.

    3. Users who meet one of the above requirements are eligible to trade on HADAX. Otherwise, only deposits and withdrawals are permitted.

    4. Once get permission to trade on HADAX, you will not be restricted by the above requirements anymore.


    Kindly Reminder:

    Voting for Token Listing on HADAX is the first attempt for Huobi Pro to start business on decentralized trading platform services and autonomous community. We look forward to introducing Blockchain technology to our real business. However, there may be some imperfections during our first attempt. We will try our best to revise and improve it. So welcome to provide your sincere suggestions to us. Once your suggestions are adopted, you will be rewarded with free HT. Leave your suggestions to us here:

    • Above promotion is subject to Huobi Pro's final interpretative decision. Huobi Pro reserves the right to disqualify any person who is known or suspected by Huobi Pro to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by Huobi Pro.


    Huobi will promote the development of Blockchain technology as always with you together!


    Huobi Pro

    February 12, 2018

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