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AEX Prepared Million Crazy Gifts for Chinese Year! / AEX新春大狂歡 壕送百萬大禮

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    Dear users:

    Chinese New Year is coming.
    AEX will host the "AEX Prepared Million Crazy Gifts for Chinese Year!" from Feb 14 to Feb 18.
    Thank you for your support to the AEX platform!

    This activity is divided into Three Parts:

    Part One: Million Red Packets Are Waiting For You!

    In the Chinese New Year, there is a custom of giving Red Packets. AEX has prepared millions of Red Packets for you. Wish you a bright and prosperous New Year!

    The Red Packets sometimes rains big and sometimes rains small, but veryone has it. As long as you login, trade, or give a Red Packets every day, you will be eligible for Red Packets
    (Click to the Rules)
    . At present, there are nine competitive coin teams to sponsor this event, with many prizes and generous benefits. Click below "I want Red Packets " and grab the Red Packets! Come on!

    (I want Red Packets!)

    Part Two: Lucky Draw Brings You Good Luck! Million Crazy Gifts for You!

    In order to acknowledge the majority of users' support for AEX, we added a Lucky Draw on the basis of Red Packets. We prepared 240,000 XYT to give back to old and new users.

    During the activity, the user can get a Lucky Draw qualification for the first time you login every day. If you want to increase the chance, you just deposit it.
    (Click to the Rules)
    You don't have to spend a penny to get a prize worth more than $470 .
    Click " I want Lucky Draw!" immediately participate in the lucky draw!

    (I want Lucky Draw!)

    Part Three: There are also $32,000 Super Welfare for you!

    In addition to the red envelope and the roux, the welfare club added a value of $32,000 of super benefits on February 14 solstice18, and sent it to you all the time. We release 100-200 benefits in limited amount each day, and the total value of the benefits is not less than$3,200 . As long as you have more than 1BitCNY, you can participate in our super welfare. Activity time: 12:00 noon Beijing time. (
    Click to the Rules: "AEX welfare: mega millions of super benefits"

    During the activity, the number of Super Welfare is more than usual, the individual benefits are larger than usual, and it's time to get lucky! Click below "I want Super Welfare " and join it, hurry up!

    (I want Super Welfare)

    Feb 14, 2018


    2018年中國農曆新年即將來臨, AEX將在
    2018年2月14日至2月18日舉辦《AEX新春大狂歡 壕送百萬大禮》活動




    )。目前,已經有9個競爭幣團隊贊助了本次活動,手快有手慢無,趕緊點擊下方“我要搶紅包” 立即搶紅包去吧!


    二、轉輪盤 更有機會獲得3000元大獎

    新年新氣象,好運轉起來。為答謝廣大用戶對AEX的支持,我們在紅包的基礎上,又增設了輪盤遊戲。我們準備了240,000 XYT回饋新老用戶。活動期間,每個用戶每日首次登陸就可以來參與1次抽獎,想要增加抽獎機會,可以通過充值來獲得(









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