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Huobi's HADAX First Phase of the Vote Countdown: 7-Million Tokens Airdropped Across 9 Consecutive Days of Live Broadcast

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    Dear users,

    Since the launch of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset eXchange (HADAX) on February 12, saw hundreds of token projects supported by thousands of users. As of February 20, 4-PM (GMT+8), 75 projects received 30,249,942 votes from 60,113 real-world users worth 3.02 million Huobi Token Votes.

    HADAX is seeing an exponential increase of inquiries streaming in, inquiring about voting. In order to better serve users, HADAX, has decided to start a daily live broadcast entitled "Huobi Live Talk Show", starting from February 20th to February 28th, to explain the background, strategy, technology, team, as well as their development plan of HADAX to users in detail. 

    With regards to the rankings of the tokens listed for voting, we are honored to invite the representatives of the following tokens to present on the following broadcast time-slots:

    February 20 GMT+8 20:00 (Chinese)AMA HADAX + UUU,PC,AAC
    February 20 GMT+8 23:00(English)AMA HADAX + UUU,PC,AAC
    February 21 GMT+8 23:00(English)U Network (UUU)
    February 22 GMT+8 23:00(English)Commerce Data Connection (CDC)
    February 23 GMT+8 23:00(English)Promotion Chain (PC)
    February 24 GMT+8 23:00(English)Yuan Chain (YCC)
    February 25 GMT+8 23:00(English)Pro Chain (PRA) + IoTeX (IOTX)
    February 26 GMT+8 23:00(English)Acute Angle Cloud (AAC)
    February 27 GMT+8 23:00(English)Engine (EGCC)
    February 28 GMT+8 23:00(English)Anti-Fraud Chain (AFC) + Banca (BANC)
    (Exact time, depends on the country of origin)

    Reminder for all users, the 'Huobi Live Talk Show', is simply to showcase the tokens on the voting list, the tokens' point of view does not represent Huobi or HADAX's point of view, users' discretion is advised.

    To find out more about HADAX voting rules, go to:

    Best Regards,
    Huobi Pro
    February 20, 2018

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