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TRAVEL Deposit and Trading Suspended / 关于TRAVEL暂停充值和交易的公告

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    Dear valued customers,
    To cope with its rapid development and globalization plans, TRAVEL will change its project name and ticker from "TRAVEL" to "TRA". The new name will be more recognizable and more convenient to trade. For detailed update time and status, please see
    As requested by the token team, the original launch of TRAVEL/BTC, TRAVEL/ETH and TRAVEL/USDT trading at 16:00 Feb 28, 2018 will be postponed. The new launch date will be made known in further announcement.
    To avoid potential problems that could be inflicted by the update, we have suspended TRAVEL deposit for now. But you may still withdraw your tokens from OKEx to your wallet.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Regards,OKExFeb 28, 2018

        由于TRAVEL项目方全球化业务发展迅速,为了提升用户使用效率、优化用户交易体验。TRAVEL项目方将于近期进行品牌升级,代币名称TRAVEL更改为TRA,其代码也将同步升级(具体升级时间及进展详见TRAVEL官网,详情请见。应项目方要求OKEx平台原定于2月28日16:00时上线的TRAVEL/BTC, TRAVEL/ETH, TRAVEL/USDT交易延迟开放,后期开放交易时间以公告为准。为避免代码升级造成的充值问题,平台已暂停TRAVEL充值功能,已充值到平台的币可提现至您的个人钱包。对此为您带来的不便深表歉意,祝交易愉快!

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