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“Exit Mechanism” Is Added to 1st Phase of Voting and 2nd Phase Is Delayed

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    Dear Users,


    Voting for Token Listing on HADAX is the first attempt for Huobi Pro to start business on decentralized trading platform services and autonomous community. During this process, we have collected many feedbacks from users and project teams. Thank you for your support and we will try our best to provide better services for users and HADAX project teams.


    1. “Exit Mechanism” is added to the 1st Phase of HADAX voting

    Since this was the first time of voting for users and project teams in the 1st phase, to protect users and teams, we decide to add “Exit Mechanism”. If the team and its community reach an agreement to exit, please contact our staff who contacted you earlier. After you exit, all the HTs will be refunded to users to their payment accounts. If any project that entered the finalist wants to exit, we will change the rank accordingly. We will list 2 coins every day from March 1st to 5th. Listed projects can not exit.


    2.     The starting time of 2nd phase of voting is changed and voting rules are updated

    a)     The 2nd phase of voting is delayed to 13:00 March 5th (GMT+8).

    b)    We will summarize the experience of the 1st phase and have updated the voting rules of the 2nd phase. Please pay attention to our announcements.


    Thank you for your suggestions and once your suggestions are taken, you will have the chance to get our HT rewards. You can give your suggestions here:



    Feb 28th, 2018

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