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CNC Opened Withdraw, and AEX Withdraw Development Plan. / CNC開啟提幣及AEX提幣開發計畫

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    Dear Users:

    The convenience of user's asset security, deposit and withdraw has always been the most important work of AEX. We have been continuously improving the experience and safety of deposit and withdraw.

    Over the past few months, we have refactored and upgraded the deposit and withdraw systems. The efficiency and safety of deposit and withdraw are greatly improved. We have developed the most advanced merging and packaging transfer system. Effectively increase the transfer speed of bitcoins and reduce the transfer cost. Withdraw system from the manual audit, gradually adjust to the current automatic audit. The risk control system automatically recognizes the risk of each withdraw and the system automatically completes the COINS. The rate is reduced from 1 percent to 0.5 percent, and is reduced to some of the major currencies that are now in place for a fixed fee (for miners only). We will lower the withdraw rate for other COINS later. The experience and security of the deposit and withdraw system has improved a lot.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by some large COINS that could not be raised during our optimization process.

    At present, most of the currency of the platform has been opened up. The mainstream currency BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH, DOGE, BTS, and 9 other tokens of the etheric square have all started to be filled with COINS and COINS. The currency of the COINS to be opened is being deployed and developed. AEX has been making progress. Please give us a little more time.

    The following is a recent wallet development plan:

    When the editor wrote the announcement,
    AEX added the deposit and withdraw function of CNC and was deploying the withdraw function of USDT wallet
    , which is expected to start USDT's withdraw service next week.

    We will gradually open the withdraw of the bifurcation series (BCX, BCD, SBTC, UBTC), XZC, and deposit and withdraw of ZCC. For the block chain, we are just a small start-up team. 44 friends in the big wave together to run together, all the way. We are grateful to you for your trust and support in AEX. Please rest assured that we will be motivated by this. To provide you with better service. In the later work will give everybody tried to extend more welfare (*  ̄ ︶  ̄)

    Happy Lantern Festival ^_^

    AEX Team

    Mar 2, 2018








    ,敬請期待! 對於區塊鏈大浪潮,我們只是一家剛剛起步的小創業團隊,44個小夥伴在大浪中攜手向前奔跑,一路風雨兼程,承蒙大家一直以來對AEX的信任與支持,我們萬分感激。請大家放心,我們會以此為動力,為大家提供更加優質的服務,以後的工作中會給大家想方設法發放更多的福利(* ̄︶ ̄)

    元宵節快樂 ^_^



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