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HADAX 2nd Phase of Voting Postponed to March 12(GMT+8)

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    Dear users,

    Since we posted the 2nd edition of voting rules for HADAX 2nd Voting Phase,we received many suggesions from our users and project teams. We will continue to revise our voting rules for the 2nd Voting Phase and post a 3rd edtion recently out of the responsibility for our users and project teams. Meanwhile, we need to spare some time for HADAX voting product upgrade so that we will postpone the 2nd Voting Phase to 13:00, March 12(GMT+8). Sorry for the inconvenience may cause. Please be prepared in advance.

    We now ask for suggestions from our dear users and project teams. Any suggestions for the rules of 2nd phase will be welcomed. Once your suggestion is taken, we will reward you with HTs. You can give your suggestions here:


    March 4,2018

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